Dry shampoos: My Mid-Week Hair Lifesaver

Over the past few years Dry Shampoos have become very popular. You can basically find them anywhere hair products are sold. Dry Shampoos range from high-end brands to low-end brands to fit every customers product needs, taste and pocket. When I was first introduced to Dry Shampoos it was about six years ago during a trip to what I call my “Disney World”, a.k.a.Sephora. On this trip I did something unusual and went straight on over to the hair product section.

It was unusual because the first thing I do when I go there is head straight to the make up and spend a crazy amount of time on just one section… No joke.

Feeling like a little lost puppy it didn’t take long for one of the stores cast members to come up and help me. (By the way, in case you didn’t know, that’s what Sephora’s staff members are called. You know what other place calls their staff cast members? Disney World!) Anyways, there she introduces me to Dry Shampoo. Usually, I like to do research on new products before purchasing it, but I was so amazed by the concept of Dry Shampoo that I bought it right on the spot.

dry shampoo Collage

When arriving home I remember feeling so excited that I had just made a “beauty find” that was going to make my life a bit easier. You see, I don’t wash my hair every day or every other day. Not because I’m lazy or anything (though that sometimes can be the case) but because I’m physically unable to do so due to low arm mobility. This means I depend on a second set of hands to wash my hair.

I also don’t wash it every day because it is damaging to wash your hair every day. Doing so in such frequency depletes your hair out of its natural oils which then causes it to over dry. In some cases it can even cause the scalp to overly produce oil, and you don’t want that either. At least I don’t.

As for me, I like to wash my hair once a week when my hair is straight. But when my hair is on its natural state which is curly, I like to wash it twice a week.
Dry Shampoos are not designed for you skip washing your hair altogether. You still have to wash your hair every week. This is just a way of keeping the hair feeling and looking fresh between washes. Not to mention also a great way to keep a blowout looking just as fresh as when you first had it done. Definitely my number one reason why I fell in love with them.

So, if you’re like me and have difficulty washing your own hair, or even if you don’t have any difficulty, I highly recommend using this type of product. They’re just so convenient.

Below I have attached two favorite Dry Shampoos of mine that I’m currently using. They are by the Oscar Blandi brand and I just love how fresh they make my hair feel and smell. One comes in powder form and the other comes as a spray for a fast and easy application. Feel free to check them it out!

Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo Spray - 3.2 ozOscar Blandi Dry Shampoo - 2.5 oz

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