The Day I Rolled Into The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Polaroid collageYou know when someone invites you to a place and you have to pause to take it in before answering because you don’t know if you are dreaming or if it’s real life? That’s exactly what happened to me the moment my dear friend Gina asked me via text if I wanted to go to a Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week show with her last year.

Growing up most of my life in New York it was always a dream of mine to attend a NYFW show. I remember seeing the white tents up in Bryant Park and then at the Lincoln Center every February and September and wonder what it was like to be in there. To see all the people dressed to the nines and all the beautiful clothing making their way down the runway. Not to mention seeing all the new trends before the general public.

Never had I imagined that one of my fashion dreams was going to come true in one single text. And boy, was it everything that I had imagined and then some.

Of course after I said my big fat YES, I had the natural reaction (of any sane person that gets invited to a Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week show), and I totally freaked about what I was going to wear. Seriously, I motored my tush on over to my closet to try to find the perfect outfit as fast as I could. I think I almost ran over my cat in the process. After going through every item in my closet I wasn’t feeling anything that I had in there. Like absolutely nothing! then again, I did what any sane person would do… I went shopping!

After making my trip to T.J. Maxx I felt confident on what I had picked and that day couldn’t come soon enough.

When the day had finally arrived I met with my friend by the stairs of the Lincoln Center. She already had scouted for the ramped entrance (as any good friend of mine would) and we made our way to the iconic Mercedes-Benz tents. But let me tell ya, that stroll alone was a fashion show in and out of itself. Lincoln Center Plaza was one giant cat walk. I’ve never seen so many stylish people walking around in one spot in my life. Sure, growing up in New York there was never a shortage of seeing stylish people everywhere but that was to the next level. I mean, it was: lights, camera and make that concrete your runway type of stylish. You know what I’m saying?…
PicMonkey Collage3

Once we arrived to the Main tents (you know, the one that says: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in big, beautifully luxurious Mercedes-Benz letters) we were met by one giant flight of stairs with no ramp insight. While I was keeping it cool on the outside I was kind of freaking out on the inside. A bunch of scenarios started to play in my head and they weren’t good; but just leave it to my friend Gina to save the day. She ran up and grabbed one of the security guards and in true VIP fashion he led us through a side gated entrance that had a ramp. I tell you, I never wanted to kiss a security guard and a ramp more my life than on that moment.

Once finally in we go through a dark hallway which the security guard is guided us through. And you know that moment on the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy lands in Oz and she opens the door to reveal a world in Technicolor? That’s how we felt once we got to the main floor. I mean, it was just beautiful. Crystal chandeliers on the ceiling.imagejpeg_1 Different elegantly decorated sections where you can get your nails done, hair done, makeup done, you name it! I was literally in heaven.

After we scanned the place it was time for us to get in-line for the Jill Stuart show. While we waited a tall model looking girl came down the line with a silver platter but instead of o’dourves she was serving Maybelline makeup. I mean, how cool was that! It took me a second to choose between a lipstick or a mascara but I picked the lipstick. Gina picked the mascara which she ended up giving to me anyways. (Love her!)

As we waited my face was just beaming with every moment that was passing by and I was literally shaking of excitement. I mean, I was at the Mercedes-Benz fashion week with my dear friend. We had a pre-fashion show outside with all the people all dressed up. Free makeup served in a silver platter, I seriously couldn’t think it could get better than that, I was already one happy girl… but it did get better.

As Gina was prepping me on how things were going to go down during the show (as I was a fashion show newbie) a security guard came over and pulled us off the line. I had no clue what was going on and neither did Gina so we just looked at each other a bit confused and followed the security guard. At that point the guard brought us to the front of the line where she scanned our ticket and then told us to wait there a second. Once the runway room doors were opened we were escorted in before anyone else. I believe it was us and the press in there before anyone else. Gina and I couldn’t believe how nice we were being treated and that we were placed on the front row. I mean we were in such a good spot that even the press wanted to get in our section.

photo 1

Me with the press right behind.

But that was before one of the security guards told the photographer to “back off” and not to put anything near me. No joke.the It was like we had our own bodyguards. ( Sure it could be because of fire hazards and the security was following rules, yadi yadi yada. I much rather the idea of them being our bodyguards. It goes with the whole VIP vibe we were getting)

Once we were situated and everyone was seated it was time for the show to FINALLY BEGIN! As model after model made their way down the runway I just kept Ooh-ing and Aah-ing over every outfit. They were all so amazing. Nothing I could see myself in, but gorgeous nevertheless.

PicMonkey Collage13I also kept close attention on their makeup (my favorite thing) to see what would be trending for spring of this year. Fashion shows not only tell us what will be the hot clothing items for the coming year will be but they also let us in on what makeup looks will be trending as well. For instance: during the Jill Stuart show I noticed all the models having a bold smoky eye with an intense silver highlight in the inner corner of the eyes. PicMonkey Collage0Of course, like clothing on the runway, everything is kicked up a notch and the makeup is no different. Though I thought it looked great on the models I wouldn’t necessarily wear this out exactly like this. I would though wear a more toned down version of it. Then again, this look was supposed to represent a rock star’s girlfriend which I am definitely not. (Sorry babe LOL)

And so, between the beautiful designs and the bold eye makeup and the sounds of the cameras going off the entire show was finished in the blink of an eye. Just as Gina had previously shared with me during our little prepping session and gosh, I just loved it every second of it. I mean, I have watched runway shows before (Project Runway, Hello!) but nothing compares to actually being there. It was just exhilarating.

Jill Stuart gifI was so incredibly grateful (still am) to my dear friend for helping me check-off one thing off my To Do List. We just had such an amazing time overall, truly an experience that I will never soon forget. But before I close I must say: one of the best parts off it all was that even though Gina had experienced going to such events in the past (as a fashion lover and as a stylist creating amazing hair looks behind the scenes) she was just as excited as I was from beginning to end. That alone made my experience 1000 times better. Seriously.


Gina and I working the runway… well, sort of.

Love you Chika! And may there be many more fashion shows ahead!

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