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Hello and welcome Barrier Free Me! In this blog I will be sharing with all of you my love for: beauty, fashion and any other musings that inspire me. No matter what I share through this platform, I look forward to igniting sparks within my readers to be inspired and empowered despite any challenges that they may be facing. Whether it comes through reading a post on a trending makeup look, latest fashion insights, or simply about my daily life… if it inspired someone in any way, then that’s what I hope to achieve. With that said, I very much look forward having you come along the journey! I have a feeling it’s going to be great!


Kirsy Rodriguez was born in the beautiful island of the Dominican Republic in 1982. Since birth she always had a disability, but in 1992 when she was just nine years old doctors discovered that she had a life-threatening spinal cord tumor. In that same year she had her first surgery and in 1996 after moving to New York with her mother to pursue a better life she had her second surgery. Unlike the first surgery this one left her wheelchair-bound but despite the circumstances of the surgery she continued to pursue life with a grateful sense of spirit and a smile on her face.

Kirsy never conformed to the stereotypes that were laid out in front of her. Ever since she was in High School she always had a love for fashion and makeup and that love has followed her to her adulthood. Using makeup as a way of self-expression Kirsy always took pride in doing her own makeup. Due to her disability she doesn’t have much upper body dexterity but throughout the years she has developed techniques of her own to do her makeup. For her, makeup is not just something you put on your face. Makeup symbolizes a sense of freedom and independence.

When it comes to fashion Kirsy is just as passionate. She takes joy in a beautiful summer dress and a fashionable fall leather jacket. She truly believes that you should dress how you feel. Not feeling good? Put on a polka dot top. It’s guaranteed to lighten up your day.

Through this site, Kirsy wants to break the barriers that have been created by society and the ones that many beautiful women with disabilities have so sadly believed. She believes that all women are beautiful and it’s time to embrace it.

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4 thoughts on “About Me

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  2. kirsy! it’s me linette 🙂 i’ve been meaning to write you but couldn’t find your email. please give me your mailing address, i would love to send your some more em products. you are such a sweet supporter and i want to show you our thanks! miss you!


  3. Hi there Kirsy!

    My name is Ashley and I just came across your fabulous blog! I actually work in rehab hospital where there are patients recovering from stroke, traumatic brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries. I’m actually going to be writing a post about your inspiring website and was wondering if there is anything specific you want me to include in it. I was also wondering if you could send me some pictures to use for the blog!

    Hope all is going well!

    Ashley Owens

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